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my lca pay is 55k

how much i should mention in offer letter and employer letter . can it be more than lca pay ?

my h1 started last year oct 12012

i used to get 62k until nov 2012 and got rise in pay and now i am getting 75k .

how much pay should be mentioned in offer letter as offer letter should have the pay at the time i joined with employer ( april 2012) at that i am getting around 62k

and how much pay should be mentioned in employer letter as now after the increment i am getting around 75k.

can some one please clarify my doubt.

thanks a lot for your help.

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You should normally take the average of your current payroll. If it amounts to 75K per annumm then your employer verification letter may refer this amount as your pay, but I would recommend you check with your employer & your lawyer before doing so.

It is always good to have your pay more than your LCA.

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I got my stamping on Jan 17th, even I was in the same situation at that time. My LCA, employer letter everything says 55K, and I used to get around 80k. I mentioned 55k only in DS-form, and even when VO asked whats ur salary, I said 55k. He asked for my paystubs, but he didnt ask me any reason why my Pay is more in paystubs.

All the Best for ur Visa.

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i am not doing anything. but just asking form your experince how it should be there so that i can verify with the letter given by employer ask him if there is anything wrong in it.

so i was bit worried on how to answer this difference thats why i am asking i am not doing anything with the offer lettr or employment letter.

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