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Gurus Help

Still unsure after pouring through all websites

This is for an employment based petition.

I have resided in Multiple Cities since age of 16,

do i still need to get PCC from all the cities i have resided since the age of 16?


is it enought that i get one from the local and one from the passport office?

Plz help

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PCC is pretty much the passport verification that is being done by police in person when you applied for your indian passport the first time.

If you have lived in multiple cities but the passport you have reflects your most current address, the PCC data will be valid till the duration of your passport. I dont think you would need to ask for report from multiple cities.

The way this works is - You apply for PCC at your local passport office. The passport office verifies if your data is valid. You submit ID proof and if that reflects in ur passport, the PCC is issued end of day at the RPO.

The passport office, if your Police verification data is not current will verify two proofs of ID at the address reflected in your passport. They will forward it to local police commissioner office and a police man will come in person to verify your identity with two references which you will need to provide. After the verification is done , the file will be forwarded from the commissioner's office back to passport office which will issue the PCC after its cleared.

This is how the process works. I dont think the RPO will ask police in multiple cities to issue a clearance on your file.

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