L1B and I 94 Expiring


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My L1B and I 94 is expiring in June 2013. I would be applying for fresh H1B in April 2013 in USA. Since this is a Fresh H1B it becomes active only in Oct 2013.

How do I continue my stay in USA between June 2013 and Oct 2013.

Between I was issues I94 for only 2 years when I had entered USA.

Also is there a possibility of extending I94 , that way my stay is legal until my H1B becomes active.

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There are various ways you may be able to request permission to remain in the U.S. until your Oct. 1 start date. However, it depends upon your individual circumstances. You may want to schedule a consult with an attorney who can review your situation in greater detail and advise you on what your options may be. If you do not already have an attorney, you can schedule a consult with an attorney at the Murthy Law Firm by following the instructions found here:


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