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Hello there!

I was recently reading a couple of articles in the USCIS website and came across something called the U Visa, which is a special visa for immigrants who are victims of crimes. I think my husband is eligible for this. Back in the year 2008, when we were in South Carolina, I was in the J-1 visa and my family was in the dependent J-2 visa. At that time due to financial hardship, my husband was was working a part-time job at a convenience store/gas station. At this point he had employment authorization and a Social Security from the USCIS so he was eligible to work. One night when he was at work, the store was robbed by three people who attacked my husband and injured him severely. As a result of this incident, apart from multiple minor injuries, severe mental shock that lasted for almost two years, he received a major injury on the head that cut his scalp open for which he had to go through a intense medical procedure. So as a result of this incident, I am just wondering he is eligible to apply for this visa or not? If he can, it will be of immense help to my family and me. Please let me know and if I am eligible, what are the next steps to take? I found all that information at this site:


Also I am in the H1-b visa and my family is in H4.

Also, if he is eligible, would it be wise for us to go ahead and do the required procedure that way he can get his work authorization?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi, I got the supplement form B signed from law enforcement in July 2016, but ddin't apply for U visa till the date. But now I am thinking to apply , can I still use the supplement form B or It needs to be updated, please let me know!


Thanks isn advance

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