Can interview be taken any consulate other than specified in i797


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Hello All,

I am in a unique situation here:

- I came to India a year ago

- Went to Chennai consulate for renewal with company A, Project A - got 221g

- Later after 10 months ,Went to Hyderabad for interview with company A, Project B, new petition- got 221g again

- Now, Have a approval from Company B,new project but they applied to mumbai consulate in I-797

- I am in the process of withdrawing both the pending petitions from the respective consulates and planning to go to interview after both are completely withdrawn.

Questions are:

1. Should I only go to Mumbai consulate for stamping, as I-797 has consulate referred to mumbai?

2. Can I still go to Hyderabad or Chennai as well,

3. Regardless of pending petitions withdrawn or not by the time of my interview in mumbai consulate ,would there be a question on my previous petitions from the VO?

4.If VO asks me ,why I chose mumbai? what would be a obvious or a apparent answer to that ?

5. I know, Any questions about my previous petitions is irrelevant,but what would be a correct answers,if that topic is raised?

Experts, Please advice me .

Thanks in advance


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