Chatered Engineer ( Indian ) Degree

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Hi ,

I hold a Chartered Engineer degree from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers ( India ) and possess 13 years of Information Technology experience. I am looking to file H1B this year and wish to understand should there be any known issues with my degree in the context of it being correspondence.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers is similar to AMIE in pattern and syllabus. Can you please advise if there are known cases of succesful AMIE / IME H1B applications in the past ?

Are there forum members who possess an AMIE or IME degree and hold H1B visa ?

what are my chances for a successful application with my degree?


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For H1B employment one can qualify with education or experience combined together to equate to a U.S. Bachelor's Degree. The same standard does not apply if you are seeking EB2 classification. In the context of EB2 classification, USCIS is seeking a 4 year degree and generally does not accept the AMIE for EB2. There a few cases where people with AMIE or similar credentials have gotten an approval but it unfortunately rare.

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