I140 and beneficiary address change


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I got a RFE from USCIS and they tried to send my RFE notice to my address. But I moved from that address and I mailed AR11 form.Just a plain mail and I didn't have any idea that it reached or not. Right now USCIS case status show that they tried to send the RFE notice to my old address and it got delivered back to them.

I have following questions:

1. I'm the beneficiary for my I140, can I call them and change my address over phone?

2. Can I do it online? Even though, I'm the beneficiary will they allow me to change address online with USCIS for my I140?

3. Filing AR-11 online alone is enough or Do I have to update the I140 beneficiary address too??

Any input would be of great help!!!

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