Can I come back to USA if i get 221g

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Rahul412 : i agree your reasoning . But there might be some info which we might not be knowing other wise how could some one get in to country with expired visa. And US border is not so unsecure that any one with expired visa gets in side.

So i would suggest every one to check for more info as if there is a possibility of getting in then it would help lot of people who are waiting out side with out no reason .

I guess, there is some miscommunication between the candidate and officer at the POE.

If you say that it is possible to get into US with expired visa, then no one attends visa interview. So, here its clear that, their was some kind of misunderstanding.

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I had my visa interview on 22 Jan 2019. I received a 221(g) form - stating additional administrative processing required. I asked the VO can I reenter the USA - and he said YES with a valid petition, even though visa is expired. 

I am not sure if this is correct or not. ottawa.dec.14 can you confirm you where able to return to USA - and were you able to get the visa stamp at the consulate you applied after your 221g case got resolved? 

I will try calling the border office too and see if they can help. 

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