H1B visa 2nd attempt at Chennai Consulate

sujatha anil

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Interview date: June 15, 2011

Chennai Consulate got the blue 221g refusal form

Documents submitted on June 22, 2011

August 11, 2011: got all the documents back with "2nd attempt" on it and did not ask for any additional documents but still sent all the documents with some additional documents which are assumed on August 12, 2011.

I am still waiting for a response from the consulate. My agent is in Chennai and she has also not heard anything to submit the passport. I am on H1B as a High School Science Educator. During the interview the VO did not even ask for the documents which I had all of them with me.

What is the chance of getting the visa stamped? I also have an extension upto 2014. This is the 3rd stamping on the passport. Do not know what to do now. My agent from USA had also visited personally the VO at Chennai Consulate but its of no use. Will the visa be stamped or not? Please let me know.

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