Can I go to Canada for H1B visa stamping?


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I have a unique situation. My H1B visa got approved last week. I need to travel to India urgently but I am not able to obtain the dates for scheduling an appointment with the US consulate.

I have a Canadian visitors VISA approved. Can I travel to India and while coming back get an appointment at Vancouver Canada for my stamping and then come to USA??

Please help.

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Generally, an individual may apply for a renewal visa in the same classification as his/her previously issued visa in Canada as long as the prior visa was issued at a US consulate in his/her home country and the individual has not done anything to violate his/her status or overstay his/her visa while in the U.S. Please be aware, the U.S. Consulates in Canada have discretion to refuse to issue visas to third party nationals (i.e. individuals who are not citizens of Canada), in which case one would need to travel back to the home country and re apply for the visa at a US consulate in the home country.

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