H1 Extension after 6'th year once the labor approves on the 6'th year


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According to my attorney, with an approved I-140, you may request for a 3-year extension for your H-1B.

Without approved I-140, you can be only allowed a 1-year extension at this time.

But next time when you apply H1-B extension and your I-140 is approved by then, you can get a 3-year extension.

Please check with your attorney.

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The one year extn before I140 approval is given only if your Priority date is before 1yr of your 6-yr temporary worker status end date.

For example, if your 6-yr temporary worker status expires on 01/30/2013, then you will get 1 yr extension only if your priority date is prior to 01/30/2012.


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