Travel to India while H1b Extension in progress.


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My H1B VISA/I94 got expired 2 months back and I have raised extension in premium in oct 2012. Got rfe and subitted response to attorney. They holded in responding as they have huge rfe's in their queue.

Now I am planning for vacation to India, can I travel safely with out this extension get approved ? Can I go to visa stamping in india once this is approved and received papers ?

Do you know if there is any hassel in completing this process ?

Please help me out.. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks fort he response Rahul.

Can I leave US without knowing approved/denied status (considering my I94 is expired) ? If Yes, what is the probabiltiy of my next interview once the application gets approved.

Please suggest.

You can, but its always better to leave US, once the petition has been approved so that you can get ready for the interview.

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