Approved H1B Stamping in Vancouver on 28th Nov


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Hi Friends,

Location: Vancouver, Canada

My visa was approved on Nov 28th & received the passport on Nov 30th.

My interview was at 10:30AM but went to the consulate at 8:30AM.

Security person asked for the Passport, DS-Form 160 & I 797 & he checked on my name in the list he had.

Then there was a female security lady who asked whether I had any cell phone, I wasn't carrying.

After that stood in line for 15 minutes then they were allowing batch of 4 people inside, there it was like airport Security check almost. After that entered a room & there was a counter where they collect the passport I797 & do the data entry there and give you a token number. After that once entered into the system there will be another line for lift where the interview is held in the 20th floor. After going to the 20th floor, in counter number 3 finger prints (all to fingers) are taken. After 20 minutes my number was called at counter number 6.

Male VO in mid 30's.

VO : Good Morning

Me : Good Morning Sir

VO : How many years you are with this employer

Me : x years

VO : Any previous employers

Me : No

VO : How much is your Pay ?

Me : XYZ

VO : Where do you live ?

Me : xxx

VO : where is your company ?

Me : xyz

VO : How do you go there & instantly asked do u have an end client ?

Me : Yes sir

VO : Do you have a client letter ?

Me : Handed over him.

VO : Where it is ?

Me : replied NY

VO : Where in NY?

Me : replied him with the location & landmarks nearby.

VO : How do you travel ?

Me : By Bus or train (told him journey time too).

VO : He asked are you married ?

Me : Yes

VO : Is your wife in US or in India ?

Me : In US

VO : What is your Highest Degree ?

Me : MS in CS

VO : Where did you do your master's?

Me : Replied him XYZ (smile on his face)

VO : I am also from the same city he replied (& he his home nearby my university).

Me : Good to hear that sir.

VO : (Here comes the golden words) Your Visa is approved.

Me : Thank you sir.

After this he chatted for 1 min regarding the place of my master’s & interview questions 1 min , so it was hardly 2 minutes interview & I took a bundle of docs for the interview , don't know whether which doc he may be asking , but he saw only client letter & master's degree certificate.

Received email from loomis on 29th evening 6:10PM & collected passport on 30th Moning 8AM and back to US on same day.

I shared accommodation with 4 other guys & all of their visa’s approved on 29th & 30th Nov out them 1 got PIMS, but he too got email from loomis on Dec 3rd.

All the best guys ………. :)



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