Incorrect DOB on DS160


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Hi Guys,

I have my Visa Interview Scheduled on Dec16 for my H1B stamping but i have found that DOB on my DS160 is incorrect. I tried to retrive the info on the Application but it has been 'Already Submitted' . what will my Next step should be in order to correct the DOB on the Application??

I was reading some forums and found that - need to fill another application and take both old and new one???

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it is very very simple.....

follow the below steps.

1. pull your submitted DS160 by clicking 'REtrieve application'

2.Enter all your identification details then It will give you 2 options 'Retreive application' or 'Cancel'. 'Retreive application' and select 'Create New Application'

4.When you do this, it will give you a new application id 'AA002xyzzyz' and It will have all your details by default.

5.Just change your DOB and update the new DS 160 here

6.After you log in to the above site, under 'application information' click 'edit' beside your name and in the last field you can update the new DS160 number and save it.

7. Done.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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