H1B Amendment Salary arrears payment


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I am working for an employer as UI Dev Lead and co-project manager from APR 2012. But my LCA/I-129 says QUALITY ANALYST/ COMPUTER SYSTEM ANALYST. My employer used me and my experience for higher responsibilities while paying for QUALITY ANALYST min wage. After pressing so hard, they had agreed to do H1B amendment. I have sent the document today for H1B Amendment and LCA change.If i get H1B Amendment approved, should my employer has to pay me arrears since i have been paid for the min wage of QUALITY ANALYST , but i have been performing the job duties of LEAD and co-project manager.

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They do not have to pay you; you took on the additional work as many people do to remain employed at this time. You really need to look for a new job since you are so unhappy with your employer - and likely will need to do so.based on your attitude towards your employer. Employment is "at will"; you can leave anytime.

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