L2 visa 221(g) pink slip from chennai consulate


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i appeared for visa interview on nov23 .in the first counter where dey will check d documents the lady wrote the case num on my DS160 form. during the interview the vo said that the interview is through but as there s some more processing i had to go to the other counter. in the other counter i was asked details about my siblings and do i own other passport and aldo they checked my height and collected my passport from me.

can some one please help me about this . has some one else went through the same situation?? how long wil it take to get my visa stamped???

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I had my L1A Blanket and L2 Visa Interview on Nov 14th at Chennai Consulate

VO asked me following questions

1) Why do you want to go to US

2) Are you going to US as a ,manager

3) How long are you working with the Company

After that she asked one questions to my wife

1) What is your education

After that VO told me that your visa is approved and then her computer got hanged and after few mins, she told i am approving your visa but we need to some administrative processing and it will take 2 weeks before i will receive my passport and handed me over 221G (Pink Slip) and told me go to counter 31. VO stamped all 3 copies of I-129S.

Questions at counter 31

1) About my education

2) About my previous work experience

3) Information about my siblings

After that she kept our passports and one copy of I-129S form and told me they will send my passport and it will take 4-8 weeks.

I am already waiting for 18 days


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I am still waiting, i will be completed 4 weeks on wednesay. I do have last name mentioned in the passport.

I don't know how much time it will take to clear my case.

When was your Visa Interview and have you received your passport?


I had my visa interview on 28th Nov. I have not recieved my passport. Its unfortunate that your application is still stuck. I am also worried bcoz it seems there are cases when the 221G is taking more time than 4 weeks. Until you get your visa stamped, I guess we don't have much option.

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