DS160 and View Interview Stamping locations do not match


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I am planning to go for stamping. I was on F-1 before and now on H-1. This is my first time stamping on H-1. My DS 160 has been filled in and submitted.

I selected location as Hyderabad in my DS160. I am now not finding any slots for my preferred dates. Visa appointment dates are available in Delhi.

Can I go ahead and select teh Visa appointment Date for Delhi location?

Q1: Do I first fill n New DS160 with Delhi Location, update the new Barcode while booking my Visa Interview?

Q2: Can I select the Visa Interview Date(as I am afraid, I might this date) and later fill in new DS160?

Q3: Can I just update the current DS160 and then select Visa Interview?

Q4: Select Interview Date and then Update the current DS160 later?

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You can choose Delhi Embassy for visa interview even though you have filled and submitted DS-160 by choosing Hyderabad as the location for interview. I also had the same problem and I checked with customer support of ustravel.com and here is there response:

My Question:

I have filled and submitted a DS-160 form for H-1B visa couple of weeks ago

by choosing Mumbai consulate as location for interview. Due to dates

unavailability, I had to schedule a visa interview at New Delhi Embassy. I

wanted to know if I should fill out a new DS-160 form by choosing Delhi as

the interview place and update its confirmation number in my visa

appointment profile.

Their Response:

We understand that you wanted to know about the Ds-160 form.

With regards your concern we would like to inform you that you may proceed with the

same DS-160 confirmation page as it is not the cause of concern.

So, in my opinion you can go ahead and schedule the interview at your choice of embassy/consulate and still use the same DS-160 form.


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