Oct 22 - Approved Vancouver


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Thanks to everyone who shared the experiences. It was really helpful.Time has come to share my experience.

Came to Vancouver on Oct 21st. Interview on 22nd.

Interview qns:

Monday (Oct 22)

Who is ur petitioner?

What do you do for them?

What is the client name?

What do you do for client?

What client does?

Can you show me the client agreement/client letter?

Can you show vendor letter?


Bank statements?

VO was busy in typing something and I was little worried.Then after some time golden words came out that visa has been approved. huh sigh of relief.

Next day evening(Oct 23) - Got email from Loomis with waybill#. and in the night status has been updated to " Picked up by Loomis". After looking the status I have rescheduled by return tickets to next day evening.

Oct 24: Went to Richmond Loomis by Sky train- Picked up Passport. Came back to hotel checked out and reached airport. Cleared customs and POE(some qns on employer role responsibilities) will be done at Vancouver itself.

Back to US :)

All izz well....

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