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Experts -

I have an appointment scheduled for Dec and now my employer is filing for amendment( recently i changed my client ). Even if i do premium i can get the receipt number with in a month or so.

Now the question is

1. Do i get the same petition number even after amendment ( as it is on my current I797 )?

2. If that number differed from previous petition, can i use the same appointment just by editing Petition Number ( or ) do i need to change the appointment?

Appreciate your help. Please advice.



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Yes !!!

You can update petition number in DS 160, if you didn't submit it.

And also you can change petition number for your appointment, by rescheduling the appointment - go to petition number page and change the Petition Number then submit and immediately go to home page. So that when next time you click reschedule it will be updated with new P.N. ( Make sure you don't click on any date in the last page ).



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Hi Gopalk

Could you please share what all you can update by rescheduling the appointment on ustraveldocs website. Is it that we can update all the fields of Petitioner Name, Start date, receipt number and expiration date fields created at start. How much time is required to update the changes ?Also if we enter a new DS 160 confirmation number does it also get updated on the appointment confirmation page.How much time is required to update the changes ?


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