H4-H1 Change of Status SSN Issues


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Hai all,

I went to ssn office on oct 1st 2012....the person in ssn office is saying that my status is not yet updated from h4 to h1, is anyone with the same situation?...pls share ur views and updates, did this happen to anyone recently, i mean in 2012...they said they will send my docs to NY for some verification and it may take around 3- 4 weeks...

Also visited the USCIS office and they confirmed that my status is on H1 in their database, based on my EAC number, also went to the CBP office (port of entry), and they checked and even they changed my status from h4 to h1, but still ssn ppl are saying that in their systems it is not updated and still showing h4.

if anyone is having idea on this , pls share ur views, thanks in advance...

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