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i got EAD on my previous employer X ( X emplyer terminated my employment without any reason).

found H1B sponsoring empoyer Y & working for him, upon advise of an attorney, filed EAD based on I-140 approval of X employer & got the EAD.

Question :

1. can I start business on my EAD , (S-corp / sales outlet). , while working on h1 with my present

employer Y.

2. what if any RFE/ -1485 is not approved , what are my fall back options...

3. if I go with point 1 , what are my risks / am I lose my H1B status..

appreciate your inputs..



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JoeF, I also entered USA using AP in August 2012. I had H1B valid till 2015 but VISA had expired. I am with the same employer who sponsored GC and H1B.

My question is: Since I used AP I am no longer in H1B status. Do I need to Update I-9? I read about updating I-9 thing in a thread on this forum but want to know if it is mandatory? also, it is already 2 months passed so will there be any issues due to delay in updating I-9 with the employer.

Thanks in advance.

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