H1B Stamping Successful @ Montreal


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Thank you very much everyone who posted their experience, those helped me a lot. Now Its my turn to post my experience, sorry for the last post.

My Visa appointment was on 8 Am 16th Oct at Montreal.

7:45 am went to consulate and joined the line(couple of people are already in line).

8:00 am doors opened

  • one lady asked my name and checked it on her appointments list, then she verified my DS-160, I797, passport and attached a reference number on my passport back.
  • After security check, I went to down stairs. Waited for 15 mins, then one security guard guided us to top floor.
  • In top floor, 1 lady asked us to stand in line near the counters.
  • On my turn, lady officer at the counter taken my DS-160, I797 and passport. She kept a big stamp on my Ds-160 and rounded the 'Y' for PIMS. then asked me to go another counter for my finger prints.
  • after finger prints waited for 10 mins. then went to counter 11 for interview.

VO is a White Person.

Me: GM

VO: GM thnx

VO: Where is your employer located?


VO: Where u live?


VO: What you do?


VO: Tell me about your project

Me: ......

VO: Who is the user?

Me: ....

VO: Who are the clients for your employer?

Me: ....

In between these questions he is talking to a lady in another counter and after each of my answer he enters some thing in system.

VO: Dont worry, we are talking about another case, your case is clear.

Then he said the golden words "Your Visa Approved".

VO has handed a passport pickup slip and asked me to come on Thursday at 3 pm.

On Thursday at 3 pm, I went to consulate and picked my passport.

Once again thank you very much one and all, who has posted their experiences in this forum.

It helped me a lot to build my confidence.

Good luck to you all for ur visa stamping.



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