H1-B VISA Process


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Step 1: Get a tourist visa for Canada by sending the following documents to the nearst canadian consulate to yours. It usually takes 2 -4 weeks in mail.

1. Offer letter from your employer

2. Last 3 paychecks

3. Origional passport

4. H1B photo copy

5. Applicant for tourist visa

6. If you already get an appointment for h1b stamping, provide them with a copy of confirmation.

7. For more details go to

Step 2: Once you receive your tourist VISA, now GET an appointment for h1b visa stamping in canada by clicking here (https://www.nvars.co...n/userhome.aspx ) .

The fee for using this service is CA$8.55 payable by Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards. Once you have your appointment in hand, now collect the below list of documents and get ready for your travel.

H1B: Distinguished Merit (Other than Nurse)

· DS-156 (application form). (

· Valid Passport (at least 6 months).

· Proof of legal status in Canada: original or certified copy.

· One passport-size photo. (

· Older passports containing previous visas.

· Documents substantiating previous legal status in U.S.

· Non-refundable U.S. Visa Application Fee (

· Original or copy of Notice of Approval Form I-797A or I-797B.

· Current employment letter indicating the nature of work, duration and salary.

· Recent paystub/pay slip.

· Copy of I-129 petition completed by employer and filed with D.H.S. (Your Employer will provide)

· Copy of approved LCA if applicable. (Your employer will provide)

· If previously under J-1 in U.S. applicant needs waiver of 2 year foreign residence rule.

· Evidence of qualifications must original or certified copy. Consular officers in Canada may refuse to issue a visa to H-1B applicants if their education and/or work experience is solely or predominantly from a country other than the U.S. or Canada.

Step 3: If you are driving or flying, @ Canada Port Of Entry,make sure you state that your purpose of travel is either tourism. Visiting friends or vacation etc

Step 4: Please carry some kind of documents to show the proof of your visit. Like hotel confirmation or address you are going to stay, or places you are going to visiting.

Step 5: Don’t go hours and hour earlier to your appointment time and stand outside consulate, in Canada they will only allow you to stand in Q before half hour only.

So please don’t let yourself be in cold weather for long time. You need to be composed when you see visa officer, so make sure to be tidy and active during your appointment.

Step 6: You usually receive your Visa stamping in a one day, sometimes in 2 business days so be prepared to stay and visit some place around.

Step 7: While coming back again @ US Port Of Entry you will need to show your newly stamped Visa and answer their questions. Usually about your job profile, how did you get your job, Salary, Offer letters from clients etc.

Step 8: Happily go home and relax.

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