H1B visa stamping New Delhi in NOV


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Booked my tickets for India in Nov from 15 to end of the month and tracking the Interview dates in New Delhi from last one week . I dont see any dates open in Nov 2012 available for Interview. Do you guys have some idea why it is happening or are they going to update the interview dates later on.Please advice

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It is not only in Delhi. It is there across all consulates. I have been posting about this in this forum. am in the same boat. dont know what is happening at all. something is really wrong in the new system. may be you can send a feedback in their system and they will give you a case number and status.

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All dates for november and december (a lot if not all!) had opened for all consulates including delhi about 10 days back. They fill up pretty quickly, so you have to keep checking frequently. New dates might open up any time. From what I observe, the dates open when it is day time in India.

I couldnt find appropriate dates initially. I saw the other visa dates open and go away. But I was lucky new dates opened up and checked in time to be able to book them

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Today morning EST time again checked New Delhi... Only available date are Oct 23 and 24 no dates in Nov or Dec, Thats insane but good news for other cities i saw dates available for Nov and Dec for Chennai and Hyderabad... Hurry up guys and let us know if you see Delhi - Nov dates.

Do we deserve this kind of stress, They dont realize after a person gets H1B visa its still a lot and lot of stuggle and we all make our own ways and survive but at this level going back for few days to our people its emotional and mental torture. I always say i will die 5 year sooner than i am suppose to.

but anyways hurry up Hyderabda and Chennai guys.

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Is there a limit you can check dates per day or per session. Today i checked it twice back to back (15 mins gap) - it gave me error that I have exceed time I can view the date, please complete the transaction. Did any came across such error?

The date are still the same as my previous post.


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