H1B Premium processing - Oct 2012


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I have a question regarding upgrade to premium processing.

Responded to RFE sometime in september but USCIS didn't update on the website. I was told by my attorney that they were told that USCIS received my RFE response already. So, we upgraded to premium on Oct 20th. But, right now i see my status as "Acceptance" on USCIS website (As if they have received my I129 for the first time :-( Is this a common thing for any premium processing?). I do not see anything related to my RFE response on USCIS website.

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Hi All,

My employer has upgraded my H1B petition from normal to premium on October 16, 2012 at CSC. They say it will take 3-4 weeks to get a decision. I thought it takes only 15 calender days to get the decision.

Moreover the status in USCIS portal did not change even after upgrading the process from normal to premium. It still shows the old status "RFE response under review". Its been 8 days since they upgraded and status is still not changed.

Has any faced a similar situation and does it really take 3-4 to weeks to get a decision.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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My employer filed for H1 transfer on the 11th of Oct - California SC. I received the receipt number the very next day.

But even after 12 days I have not received any approval/RFE/denial.

Is this common? Some of my friends who applied received it in less than one week.

Some say if it goes beyond 15 days I can get the money back. Money is not a concern for me.

Why is it taking time?

any suggestions?

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It takes 15 calendar days after the receipt date. In your case your status needs to change to "Acceptance", since you have upgraded to premium.

Let us know the date it changes to "Acceptance". Looks its taking some time nowadays.

Is the check sent for premium processing been encashed by now? Your employer/attorney can verify this.

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@pulikat: 15 days is from the day it changed to Premium Processing. The status will change to "Acceptance" from "RFE response under review" when you upgrade to Premium Processing from Normal after answering RFE.

So, in your case still status is not updated to Acceptance, I believe we can't count 15 days from Oct 16, 2012.

But my suggestion is just wait for one more week so you will complete 15 calendar days, then ask your attorney or employer to give call to CSC customer service and check the status. In some cases, if attorney/employer gives call, decision may be made sooner.

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