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Hi, I have used 5.5 years of my H1 and moved to H4. I have also spent 5 months approximately in india during my job of 5.5 years while i was on H1.

My H1 6th year is ending this december. I had almost 6months left over on my H1 wehn i moved to H4. If i find a job after decemeber can an employer take my existing H1 and file the petition. Or do i need to find a job before this decemeber 2012. Before and after december what will be the situations and procedure to file my H1 so that i can get a work permit.

Does the new employer need to file GC immediately or how does it all work...

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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You can find an job anytime and your employer can file for a H1 for the remaining 6 months period.

Since you have only 6 months left, there is nothing much you can do about starting the GC.

You can start but will have to leave at the end of 6 months and come back when your GC comes to a stage where you can come back.

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