EAD urgent help, could be denied


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I filed for renewal of EAD in February and received letter requesting additional evidence which was, according to my lawyer, the receipt # and something else having to do with court cases. He says that because I haven't had any court cases I could be denied and only a miracle would make them send me the renewal EAD. It is still under review but I'm desperate since I lost my job because it expired and I have a family to take care of. Like the lawyer said, there's a possibility I could get it again, but chances are slim. I read on here that I can contact my congressman and he could be able to help but I don't know what to say when I contact him, maybe he could intervene somehow so I can get it? Also can I contact the senator of my state (NV, Harry Reid) about this? I don't have an I-485 since I got denied in 1998 and have just been working with the EAD and now maybe I won't even be able to work at all. Please help, I'm in a really bad situation. If worse comes to worse, am I still able to claim unemployment benefits with an expired EAD?

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