EAD and AP combo card

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I just got my EAD renewal card but i didnt realise that my AP was also expired and came to know that now uscis is giving a combo card for EAD and AP together.

1.If i apply AP now, is there a chance to get combo card on request?

2.are we getting AP for 2 yrs or same 1yr now?

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If one's EAD has already been issued, then a combo EAD-AP card will not be re-issued as long as the current EAD remains valid. One will need to wait until the next renewal cycle to request the combo EAD-AP card.

If an AP is issue alone it is valid for one year. But if one receives the combo EAD-AP card that is valid for two years, then naturally the AP validity is also for two years.

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I applied I-131 and I-765 concurrently and the same time on March 22,2011. Today I have received my EAD card but it says "Not valid for Re entry". I checked the status of my applications online and found out that I-765 has been approved and I-131 still shows pending. Does it mean AP would be valid only for 1 year now? Why USCIS did that?

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