Indian Passport Lost - houston Consulate

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Hello I lost my Indian passport with F-1 Visa. I applied to Houston consulate with all my supporting Documents...Its been two months and still i haven't received any response from them.

I tried calling them today and they said that they haven't get clearance from India (Hyd to be exact place)...Any Idea how many days it will take generally for clearance...I am so tensed as i am planning to go to India in 2 months but no passport :(...

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Houston is one of the slowest to issue new passports. They have a TONNE of backlog and are understaffed. I had sent my passport for renewal through fedex. They did not take any action for about a month. They won't answer phone calls after being on hold for 30+ mins. I had to travel out of the country so I finally went to Houston and saw a HUGE number of passport applications lying around. I hope you get an idea as to how they operate. If you need your passport urgently, then you should go there and submit a letter as to why you want it urgently. They will do it right away.

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Hi .. I lost my passport and I94.

I am on student visa F1. I am planing to going to India on 12th sept,2011. but the problem is my visa is going to expire exactly 5th sept,2011.

I was already gave complaint at near police station.

I am going to applying a new passport on 1st Sep at chicago indian consulate. I am so tensed with my visa status because my visa going to expire on 5th sep. I have question that shall i get a new passport or not due to my visa expiration. And One more question is shall I traveling to india without I94. Plz help me out on this regard.

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