Successful Stamping at Tijuana, Mexico for H1B Visa Extension


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Hi Guys,

This forum has been very much helpful for me preparing for the interview. Now, I wanted to contribute my part by sharing my experience at the consulate. Here we go...

Here is what they have asked...

0) Are you here for renewing you visa? yes

1) Who do you work for? xyz

2) Is it the same company where you work or you work for a sub contracted company? No, I work for the same company xyz

3) What does you company do? answered

4) Where is it located? NJ

5) Are you working at NJ? no

6) Where do you work? Florida

7) Do your company have another branch? No, I work for a Client

Then he said: That's why I asked you whether you are directly working or subcontracted? I replied that I directly work for xyz but temporarily assigned to work at abc.

8) What is the name of the client? abc

9) How long have you been working with your company? answered

10) How long have you been working at the client location? answered

11) So, you have been working with the same client and employer for entire duration of your H1? yes

12) What is your role? answered

13) What is you salary per year? answered

14) Did you file your tax return? yes

15) Did you get any money back? yes, but a small amount

16) Are you happy with your employer? yes

17) Did you study in US? Yes

18) What's the name? told

19) Can I see your degree cert? showed

He was typing all this information while I was talking and then he took about 5 mins and said that my Visa is approved and that I can collect it next day at 2:30 pm at the consulate.

My friend who came along with me also had similar experience but the lady asked him to show a recent pay stub and a recent tax return.



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Even though they asked me to collect the passport today at the consulate(my interview was yesterday) they did not call my name. Later when I checked at the counter they said they might not have printed it today and asked to check back tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday and I pray to god that I get it tomorrow!!!

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