how and where i can apply for i765


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I came to US in 2000 and i had visitor visa and it expires in 2004 and i over stayed after 2004 in US. then in 2006 i got married with green card holder and i apply for i130 and got approved notice and in 2007 i also applied for political asylum which is still active. now in 2011 my wife became US citizen and i apply for i765 and i485 through chicago and both got denial. denial because judge have sole jurisdiction on my case because my asylum is still active in court. i went to info pass and they said just mail your i485 to Texas service center mesquite so i mail 1485 with fee to Texas service and now im waiting for receipt.

my next asylum date is in sept,2011 and judge will terminate my asylum case when i will show him reciept of i485.

Question is:

As soon as i get my i485 receipt from Texas service center can i apply for i765 through chicago service center ?

please help


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