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So I got a 221g - Employer unable to find qualified employment from Kolkata. The underlying reason being incorrect location information in H1 extension. Was working at direct client since 2006 but the extension in 2009 did not have the client location..

Employer X suggested to transfer to another Employer Y.

221g at Kolkata : 05/18/2011

New H1 Transfer - Cap Exempt Details:

Premium Processing Vermont

Fedexed Package : 06/08/2011 (Wed)

Received Date on Receipt : 06/10/2011 (Fri)

Notice Date on Receipt : 06/13/2011 (Mon)

Actually Got Receipt : 06/16/2011 (Thu)

....... WAITING .....

Anyone with similar experience please post

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Am in the same boat.

Interview Date: 18-May-2011 @chennai EVC model

221g blue requesting docs from petitioner's side and complete work schedule till the petition end date from the client.

Submitted all the docs on 19th May.

Problem: My LCA client location(Client A) and actual client location(Client B) are not same. They are 0.9 miles from each other. When I spoke to attorneys from Murthy.com they mentioned that my visa will surely be denied because of the above said reason.

Applied for H1B transfer on 10-June-2011 with EC model.

Received receipt on 17th June. Waiting for approval so that I can book an appointment.

All the best

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