H1B Transfer and extension approved - want to travel to India


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Visa Stamping validity on my passport - End of September '12.

Petetioner - ABC Inc

I-94 validity - End of September '12.

NEW PETITIONER AND EXTENSION (H1B Transfer and Extension):

Petitioner - XYZ INC

Starting Validity Date: April '12

Ending Validity Date: March '15.

I-94 (validity on H1B extension document) - March 2015.

I got my first stamping done in India.

I am planning to travel to India in August '12. My H1B transfer and extension got approved. I have paystubs from new employer. I am working for a client with director vendor.

  1. Can I come back on my current stamping (which is until end of September, though it is from a different petitioner)?
  2. Can I show my new I797 (though it is from a different employer) with previous employer stamping at POE? Is it accepted?
  3. Do I need to go for stamping again on new I797?

Please advise.

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