September 2011 Perm Audit Tracker


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My Employer had applied PERM in September-2011 in EB-3 category. We have received the audit in November-2011 and responded to DOL in December-2011. My Employer has checked the iCERT poral for status and it is not giving any update about the audit.

Here is my unfortunate story. This is the 3rd PERM my Employer has filed for my GC processing. The first PERM application was rejected by DOL in 2010 and the second application was sent back by DOL for Employer Error consideration. So my Employer had withdrawn the second application which went into pending status for long time and filed the 3rd one last year (September-2011).

Has any one got the DOL resopnse for audits of the cases filed in September-2011?

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