H1B Extension and Amendment file together and received RFE


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I have the following situation on my H1 extension. I work for an employer A and work at client C.

Current H1 expiration date: 10th Sep 2012

H1 Extension & Amendment filed on: 25th March 2012

(amendment for role & pay change but same employer, client & location; hence LCA changed in June 2011)

RFE received on: 25th June 2012

The project I am currently working for a client C is getting over by end of September and I will be moving to different location for new project (not known at this point) for same employer A in 1st week of October. Hence the present client will not give a letter as the contract is only till end of Sep. What options does employer A have to get my H1 extension approved. What is the best way to handle this situation. Please advise.



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What is the best way to handle this situation. Please advise.

Since your project will be completed by this September, that's obvious that client will not provide a letter. Moreover even if he provides the letter you may receive another RFE about the length of the project.

Best option, find full time job or long term project who provides you with the letter.

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Thanks for the reply Rahul.

I am a permanent employee of an indian IT company and there is no problem in getting into another project (different client) through my employer. But it will happen only in 1st week of October after my current project gets over in Sep. Till that time we cannot wait to respond for the RFE. What are other options available in this situation?



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