On H4, H1B approved, need to visit home country, is Visa stamping needed while returning ??


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Hi All,

I am in H4 currently (residing in US at present). My H1B is approved for 2012 - 2013 quota (can start working from oct - 2012 onwards).

I need to go to my home country for a 2 week trip and will be coming back on mid of August.

So wanted to know, do i need to get my H1B visa stamped ?? or can I come back with H4 (as my work authorization start only from oct, so I can't enter US with H1B visa, so have to come back on H4) and when I go anytime after oct - 2012 i will need to get my visa stamped ??

Appreciate your help if some one can provide some info regarding the same or if you were in this situation can share your experience.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Pratik for the info.

Also I was wondering that do the company hiring me need to file any application for COS, does this apply in my case??

I read many post (related to my situation) and could make out that I shouldn't get impacted (leapfrogging) , but I am

equally confused :( ...

can someone let me know this from there past experience ??? or any senior member can comment on my situation.

Thanks in Advance.

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