need help with questions on I-765, I-131


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I last entered US using my advanced parole in January,2012. I am working on my H1B (I have not used EAD so far for working). On my I-94 card,

PAROLED is stamped with validity date of 1 year since entry time, purpose is written as DA/AOS

I have my I-485 pending with USCIS.

I am e-filing for renewal of my advanced parole and EAD documents. I need help with answering questions below:

Advanced parole:


-What should I enter for class of admission... (this is a free-form field

where I can enter text)



-What should I pick for manner of last entry into US (I see five possibilities

in choices given (DA (Advanced Parole (DISTRICT AUTH)), DE(Parolee: deferred

inspection), DT(Parolee: District/POE authorization), H1B(Speciaility

occupation), PAR:Parolee)

-There is another question called "Current Immigration Status", which has same

set of choices as above, which one is appropriate for my case?

-Eligibility category should this be ©(9)?

Thanks a lot for your help,


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