Need advice on H1B 221g


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I attended H1B stamping interview at Hyd consulate on 21st July and was issued 221g yellow form - no docs asked.

I came to know that my client was contacted by Kentucky and client has replied back to their questions. I cannot wait for more time as my daughter's school starts in 3 weeks. I am contemplating on applying for H4 and reapplying H1 after I reach there.

MY questions

1. Should I wait for some more time for 221g as client verification is in progress? I applied for H1 with a new employer but I have worked in US for more than 8 years on L1. My new Employer owns my client company.

2. If I go for H4 stamping, can I ignore my H1 admin processing or should I cancel my H1 petition prior to H4 interview?

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As you mentioned KCC contacted your client for verification so I would suggest to wait. It is frustrating to wait if you are genuine but we do not have any other choice.

As you mentioned you are planning to apply for H4 what if your H4 goes under 221G or rejected. Then what???

I am saying this because one of my wife's friend did this in Chennai. I am not sure why her H4 was rejected, but she also sent mail to cancel her H1 application so now as both options are closed she is forced to stay back in India and now my friend is thinking to resign from his job and move back to India for good.

So, it is upon you how much risk you willing to take with your application.

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