H1B Extension Question based on pending labor - Please Help!!!


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My 6th year ended on Nov 1 2011 and I had applied for H1 extension back in October 2011 based on my pending labor (Motion to Reconsider currently in progress).

I got RFE in March and responded to it and finally got my approval last week. Since I had applied for extension based on pending labor, the extension should have been given only for a year which would be until Nov 1 2012. My company (for some reason or typo) had requested for approval until Nov 2014 which the USCIS has also granted and approved.

Now I have extension approved up until Nov 2014 but I am very worried and scared to stay and work in the country beyond Nov 2012 since ideally thats my 7th year end and I have to apply for an extension at that point if my labor is still pending at the point.

Anyone been in this situation before? Any advise on if any corrections should be done or will it be ok to stay until Nov 2014?

I am worried if it will be be illegal for me to stay beyond Nov 2012. Dont want to end up in jail :-)

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