Is this safe to go India


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Hi Friends,

I am planning to go India in Nov 15th, 2011, as I transfer my employer(my new employer is US based Large scale IT company, I am working directly for company) so I need to go for stamping, I have few concern, any reply will be appreciated.

1. Is this time safe to go for stamping?

2. Is Kolkata consulate good for stamping?

3. What kind of additional document I need to carry?

Thanks in Advance!


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If you have all the documents with you, you are good.


1. All your W-2.

2. Client Letter

3. Employment Letter

4. All Pay Stubs

5. LCAs

6. Bank Statement

7. Employer tax returns

8. You W-2 sal should be >= LCA sal.

If you have any more doc, you can carry those too.





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