Which option is Better for Muslims (Contractors) for H1-Visa Stamping : Canada or India


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I am Farooq from Hyderbad, India and I am planning to to go Canada to get my H1-B Visa Stampped.

I am working as a contarctor with one layer in between and I was wondering if any of the muslims who are contractors got their visa stammped in canada .Is it a good option for Muslims to go to canada or going to India for stamping is better ?

Please reply to this thread if anyone has gone through this or has heard of their muslim friends getting their visa stampped.



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On H1, you can never work as contractor.

You have to be an employee of a company. If the company sends you to work at a client site is not your concern. You get your salary from your employer.

If you are working as a contractor you are illegal.

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