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Am @ the US on H4 visa. I got my H1B petition approved last year for October 2011. Since I did not find any job in my area I continued to be on H4.

Today I received a notice from my employer saying that he has cancelled my H1 visa last week. In this juncture;

1) Do i need to reapply for H1B in this year's quota (2013) if I need to work again?


2) In case I find a job, can the cancelled petition be revoked ?

Please clarify. Thanks

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Frankly, how your situation does not make any sense.

An H-1B petition / application is filed by your employer for you for a specific job for which you have the required qualifications, including a bachelors or higher degree (or demonstrated equivalent experience). You CANNOT apply for an H-1B visa and then find a job. Further, H-1B and L-1 visas are not for any job.

To those making inquires or asking for help on this forum, please fully familiarize yourself with both the letter, intend, and spirit of the relevant UCSIS laws and regulations -- and fully comply with these laws, regulations, and rules. In most cases you should seek council, guidance, and the assistance of a (U.S. based member of the AILA) immigration lawyer. Do not hesitate to initially consult with more than one lawyer. Do not rely on the ‘information’ (opinions) from others.

Note: I am not an immigration lawyer.

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