Scope of sucessfull H1 B stamping from Canada .Works on EVC model


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Can I have an opinion H1B stamping in Canada ?

Here is my situtaion

My first stmaping was in india (company A) back in 2008

I changed my employer in 2010. I got valid I-797 till 2013 with my new employer .

My current visa stamped in the passport is expired (as it was only valid till oct- 2010)

I Do not have master degree from USA

I worked on Employee- Vendor- Client (EVC) model.( only one layer)

I have all the recent paystubs, Client letter,All the other supporting document except the ammenment ready .

Currently I am in a situation where I have to do the stamping , and I heard rejection news from India . So I thought of considering Canada.

Please advice me considering the above mentioned situtaion

1. Is it advisable to go to Canada for h1 b visa stamping

2. If Yes Do you prefer any particular Candian Counsulate location( I live in New york Area)

3.What if in Case the the 221g is issued and pending , Can I travel to India from Canada and try for stamping from Indian consulate(chennai) when the case is pending.

4.Can I Re-enter USA on H4 visa from Canada( if 221 g is issued)), As my wife works on h1b visa in USA .

It would be great if any one can advice me on this as my situtation is very urgent .

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