RFE in Extension, Project Ending This Month-end


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Hi Experts, My situation is as follows:

H1 Extension Applied: Nov 2011

Previous I-94/H1 Expired : December 2011

RFE Received: Apr 2012

RFE Details:

MSA/SOW specific:

1. current and back to back (past two years) signed Work order(s) or statement of works (SOWs) to evidence renewal for the project assigned to beneficiary.

2. An end-client letter on end-client letter letterhead and signed by the end-client confirming the relationship between <Employer> and the end-client, confirming that the SOW would get extended (if applicable) and the employee’s job title and duties in the proposed position.

Projetc Specific:

1. Identify the Project name(s), provide detail description and write-up overview of the project (s), i.e., project presentation, flyer and etc…;

2. Provide Project milestone plan (must indicate starting and ending dates)’

3. Provide a complete itinerary of services to be performed for the H period requested (here, June 22, 2012);

any many more...

My employer is an Indian IT firm having many direct clients, but main problem is that my current project(for which RFE is issued) would be ending this month end and Next Project assignment is not clear yet.

Lets say, next assignment is confirmed in couple days then:

A. Will USCIS consider details for new project/client/location in answering the current RFE?

B. Will there be any issue related to change in project tasks/job duties/ technologies?

C. Will change in location cause any issues ?


should we reply the current RFE ASAP with the current project details and expect and approval till April end and then file extension based on new project?

Please advise. what would be the best possible option for me.

Thanks in advance.

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