First time H1B Visa stamping in Canada - venue preference


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Hello Friends,

I am a Full time employee with a US degree, and want to get my H1B stamp from Canada. This is my first time stamping. What would be the best place to go with the least rate of rejection? Please advise.

Any other tips would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Hello all,

I've been going through the forum and a lot of people are going/have gone to Canada for H1B stamping and there are some good suggestions and experiences shared. I'd like to present my case scenario and get suggestions that would help in my preparation or visa interview.

I'm planning to go for H1B visa interview in Canada (Vancouver). My case is EVC model, I've done Masters in US; F1 to H1B (H1 started in May 2011 with 3 yr validity; didn't change the project or location after H1B got approved), Have been working with the same client since almost 2 years now. Can get both Client and Vendor letters.

Please post your valuable responses/suggestions. Much appreciate your time.

Thank You.

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Not on;y that, As long as you are working in USA, you can also go to Canada. I went to ottawa. I had bad experience.I am in EVE model. If you are in EVCmake sure to carry all client letters,vendor letter etc.Update your client about Employee-Employer relationship.If you r FT, no problem at all.

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