supervised recruitment?


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I have submitted my docs for PERM to my employer. Recently lot of other employees, who have submitted for PERM in last year got Supervised Recruitment. As per a faq found " the employer may be required to conduct supervised recruitment pursuant to § 656.21 in future filings of labor certification applications for up to two years from the date of the Final Determination."

Does it mean that all PERM applications submitted by Employer will be now selected for Supervised Recruitment? What are my chances.


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The Department of Labor has the option to require an employer to either utilize supervised recruitment on a case-by-case basis, or to conduct all PERM applications pursuant to the supervised recruitment process. Therefore it depends on the DOL’s determination. If you have more specific details regarding this and follow-up questions, it is advisable to speak directly with a qualified U.S. immigration attorney.

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