Can Spouse file for EAD as soon as I-485 is filed


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Wanted clarification on the following queries;

1) If my I-140 is approved and the I-485 is filed, can my wife apply for her EAD?.

2) Is it mandatory that my Priority date must be current before an EAD application for myself or spouse can be filed or can the EAD applications be filed concurrently when filing I-485.

3) Is there any option she can get an EAD earlier or the only option is to apply for H1.

4) Are the following time frames approximately correct;

Perm process ~ 3 months

Labor certification ~ 3 months

I-140 premium processing ~ 15 days

I-485 =?

I do understand that these are highly optimistic timeframes, need to know as I have only 17 months left on my H1B

Thanks in advance


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Hi ..I have a question ... If Husband has file his I485 and EAD ..Can spuouse file EAD antime later even if PD has rettrogressed ? Or do she has to apply I 485 simountaneouly ?

Please read my answer...

"An I-485 can only be filed when the PD is current.

An EAD can be filed at the same time or at any time later, while the I-485 is pending, even if the PD has retrogressed."

What exactly is unclear about that?

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