H1B on Feb 3rd 2011


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Hi all,

I appeared to the Embassy of US at Hyderabad on Feb 3rd 2012, I am a FT . Below are the set of question and my answers as I remember over the top of my head,

1) What is the nature of business of your employer?

We help the law industry.

2) So you deal with legal database


3)Whats your role and responsibility?

said abt it

4)(As me and my wife were together), when did you guys got married

2 years

Now, he takes out a white form ticks an option that said I will be receiving an email with some questions and I need to answer them. VO said - I will be picking it up from there and lets see how it goes then.

This is my second H1B extention and I dont understand why I am an issue now after 7 years of stay in US, though I had two visa stampings done in the past and not to mention without any 221G thing. All that I want from you guyz here in Murty is, any idea how long it might take to get my visa, I really hate working from home?

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