March 27th Ottawa Almost all Approvals


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I had my interview today.

EVC Model

Had all the letters.

Upto my knowledge all got the VISA today.

There are many 221g's yesterday March 26th

1st will be security check you.

After security check you will need to give i-797, all letters, DS-160 at the first counter. you will get a token.

token will be called for finger prints 10 fingers(4+4+2)

later you will be called for Interview

VO is a chinese guy. he is Very cool and smiling

Not many Questions asked.

Interview lasted for 2 mins.

VO: Greeted.

Me: Greeted too.

VO: So you work for so and so company?

ME: yes

VO: *** *** Is this your role?

Me: yes

VO: Who is your client?

ME: ***

VO: what is your expertise?

ME: Explained

VO: Whom do you report to?

ME: My employer Name

VO: how?

ME: Conf calls, reports etc.

VO: Did you study in so and so univ?

ME: yes

VO: what did you do there?

ME: Masters in Elec Engg

VO: are you using your skill?

ME: yes

VO: your Visa is approved and will take 2-3 business days as there is a problem from our side. gave my i-797 and a paper to track my passport.

Basically everything is luck based. How hard you try you might not get it. Even if you dont try hard you might get it.

Dont listen to the fellows who say that visa's are rejected in Ottawa. There might be cases but be positive and come. And for sure vancouver is good than ottawa.

If you plan to book a room. Go to priceline and bid for $50 or $55 for a 2 star and you can get accommodation at Extended Stay hotel. it is very good for what you pay. 1 km from embassy.

contact me at muraliqca(at)gmail i can help you.

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