F-1 visa holder marrying US citizen

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I was in the USA for 5 years on an F-1 visa. Recently, I returned to my home country. I have a girl friend who is a US citizen. We are planning to get married. After marriage, she would file a I-130 petition for me.

While on my OPT, I joined a consulting company but had no client project in hand and hence did not get paid and have no pay stubs for the time spent with them. For every six months while on OPT, I needed to submit a validation report to my university with basic details like employer name, address and e-verify number which I did send them accordingly and on time. My university never asked any additional proof of my employment like pay stubs etc. So, I utilized my OPT and did not get paid.

Now after marriage, when I attend for the I-130 visa interview,

1. Would I be asked to submit the pay stubs for my OPT period ?

2. Since I cannot submit any pay stubs if asked, Would this jeopardize my I-130 petition ?

I am very worried and please help me how to deal with this situation.


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